We have an experienced team who can assist you in various criminal and civil court proceedings and tribunals, with particular focus on civil litigation and criminal law.

All advocacy fees are charged hourly based on the experience and qualifications of the advocate taking on your case.

Due to the varying levels of experience of our advocates, hourly representation may cost anywhere between £120-£265 ex. VAT.

For the agreed fee, your advocate will:

  • Review your case prior to any representations, whether at court or otherwise.

  • Prepare any written representations or other prep.

  • Represent you at court or other appointment as your advocate.

  • Generate an attendance record of the particulars of your engagement.

For more information, please contact us on 020 3581 5051 or 0779 020 7777 by phone, or you can email us at info@nmhsolicitors.co.uk to speak to an adviser.