Our fee scale below is a guideline for some criminal law cases which can be charged on a fixed fee basis. However, all fees are subject to a thorough assessment before we can agree to take on a case. In such cases, there may be many variables which can affect our final fee quotation. Our legal fees will always be disclosed fully face-to-face and in writing to you prior to making an agreement for payment.


Please note that VAT will be charged where applicable. In the case of some procedures, various disbursement fees may be charged in regards to: application fees, advocacy, or other third party services. We will always notify you of any likely disbursements face-to-face and in writing prior to making an agreement for payment.

All work carried out in our office is completed either by a solicitor, or a solicitor assisted by a paralegal. All work carried out is supervised by the Director and the Principle Solicitor.

Basic standard of works carried out for each case:

  • Initial consultation to take full instructions from you, assess your case, and advise on the most appropriate action based on your circumstances as well as reviewing any strengths or weaknesses in your case.

  • Advise you on the probable sentence in your case and any future implications as a result of your plea/sentencing.

  • Reviewing all supporting evidence in your case and advising on their validity or need for further evidence, and assisting in obtaining the required evidence from any relevant third parties, and advising on any disbursements which may be incurred in the process.

  • Preparing all legal documents, written representations, and witness statements necessary for your case.

  • Arranging a comprehensive meeting with your caseworker to fully prepare you for court, i.e. advising you on court procedure, what you can expect on the day of trial, and your options for having counsel or other representation at court.

  • Booking counsel for any court attendance.

  • Keeping contact with any relevant parties and providing further information, if required, while your case is progressing.

  • Keeping contact with you to keep you updated on the progress of your case.

  • Advising on the final outcome of your case, any possible sentencing, and your appeal options if you should have any available to you.


Trials and hearing dates are set by the courts and as such it is impossible to provide an approximate timescale for the completion of your case. Trial and hearing dates can only be changed in extenuating circumstances and may have an affect, overall, on how long your case may take until completion.

Driving Offences

  • Drink Driving - Guilty Plea: £900.00

  • Drink Driving - Not Guilty Plea: £2,000.00

  • Speeding Offences - Guilty Plea: £800.00

  • Speeding Offences - Not Guilty Plea: £1,600.00

  • Mobile Offences - Guilty Plea: £900.00

  • Mobile Offences - Not Guilty Plea: £1,800.00

*Fees are subject to VAT. Disbursements may apply.

Please contact us directly for information on our fees for the following services:

  • Assault

  • Fraud

  • Human Rights

  • Extradition

  • Prison Visits

  • Confiscation

  • Bail Applications

  • Police Station Representation

  • Court Representation Service

  • Written Representations in Criminal Matters

Don't see your matter on the list? We would be happy to provide further information on our list of services. Contact us on 020 3581 5051 or 0779 020 7777 by phone, or you can email us at info@nmhsolicitors.co.uk to speak to an adviser.