We aim to provide fixed fees in providing advice and legal representation in the following matters:


  • Evictions

  • Housing Possession Action

  • Section 8 & Section 21

  • Tenancy Rights

  • Landlord Harassment and Illegal Evictions

  • Rent Arrears

  • Bailiffs

  • Disrepair

  • Domestic Violence and Housing

  • Community Care

  • Homelessness and allocation law

  • Legal liabilities and maintenance

  • Housing Possession Action

  • Landlord enquiries

All cases are assessed individually, and no two cases are the same. Our aim is always to take full instructions and give careful consideration to each case before providing a fee quotation.


For information on other matters not listed above, and our legal fees for housing law related matters, please contact us on 020 3581 5051 or 0779 020 7777 by phone, or you can email us at info@nmhsolicitors.co.uk to speak to an adviser.