Most immigration cases are straightforward and charged on a fixed fee basis. However, our fee scale is a guideline and in rare, complex cases these fees may be subject to change. Whilst we endeavour to charge cases on a fixed fee basis where possible, in some cases we may need to charge on an hourly basis. Hourly fees are based on the caseworker assigned to your file. Our legal fees will always be disclosed fully face-to-face and in writing to you prior to making an agreement for payment.


Please note that VAT will be charged where applicable. In the case of some applications, various disbursement fees may be charged in regards to: application fees, advocacy, or other third party services. We will always notify you of any likely disbursements face-to-face and in writing prior to making an agreement for payment.

All work carried out in our office is completed either by a solicitor, or a solicitor assisted by a paralegal. All work carried out is supervised by the Director and the Principle Solicitor.

Basic standard of works carried out for each case:

  • Initial consultation to take full instructions from you, assess your case, and advise on the most appropriate action based on your circumstances. 

  • Advising on your eligibility and the specific requirements of the immigration rules and guidance you must meet and any necessary evidence you will need to provide.

  • Advising on your options for submitting your application, including premium services.

  • Reviewing all supporting evidence in your case and advising on their validity or need for further evidence, and assisting in obtaining the required evidence from any relevant third parties, and advising on any disbursements which may be incurred in the process.

  • Completing the necessary application and generating a bundle of supporting evidence and detailed representations disclosing full details of your application.

  • Keeping contact with any relevant parties and providing further information, if required, while a decision is being made on your application.

  • Keeping contact with you to keep you updated on the progress of your case.

  • Advising on the outcome of your application, advising on any variances in the expected outcome of your application, and advising on what you may need to do next.


​Each case varies in complexity and so we cannot advise on the exact timescales of your case from receiving your instructions to receiving an outcome. However, it is standard practice to allow a minimum of 4 weeks to check all necessary evidence and prepare any further documentation you may need before submitting your application.

Once an application has been submitted to the Home Office or to the courts, we cannot give an estimate on when we will receive a response. However, all cases are duly followed-up if we feel an unreasonable amount of time has passed since first submitting the application.


  • Naturalisation (Citizenship): £1,000 for each applicant

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR - Set P, Set M, Set O): £1,000 plus £350 for each Dependent

  • Settlement, 10 years route: £1,600

  • Long Residency, 20 years route: £1,800

  • Discretionary Leave: £1,500

  • Spouse Visa (Settlement): £1,800

*Fees are subject to VAT. Disbursements may apply.


  • Asylum Appeal: £2,800 plus Court Representation fees

  • Asylum Pre-Decision: £1,800 plus £500-£800 for representation at Home Office interview if requested.

  • Judicial Review: £4,000 plus Barrister fees

  • Fresh Claim: £2,000

  • Bail Applications: £1,200 plus £300 if outside London

  • Family Reunion: £1,200 plus £400 for each Dependent

  • Family Reunion Appeal: £2,000 plus Court Representation fees

*Fees are not subject to VAT. Disbursements may apply.

Entry Clearance:

  • Family Visitor Visa: £1,200

  • Private Medical Treatment Visa: £1,200

  • Tourist Visitor Visa: £1,200

  • Entry Clearance Appeal: £2,500 plus Court Representation fees

  • Points Based System

    • Application under Tier 1 – Business/Investment/Entrepreneur: Starting from £8,000 plus £1,500 for each Dependent

    • Application under Tier 2, 4, 5 – (Student & Work Visas): £3,500

  • Spouse Visa/Unmarried Partner/Fiancé/Same-sex Relationship: £1,500

*Fees are not subject to VAT. Disbursements may apply.


  • Travel Document Application: £250

  • BRP Card Replacement Application: £250

  • Permanent Residency EEA Nationals: £1,000

  • EEA Family Permit: £1,200

  • All other applications quoted on assessment.

*Fees are subject to VAT. Disbursements may apply.

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